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    Is there a way to go back one in the history whrough vb or asp, similar to the history.back in javascript ?<BR><BR>Much appreciated<BR>Jess

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    You want to do it with ASP?! Server-side?!<BR><BR>Well, ok, aside from that sarcastic remark, it sometimes does actually work.<BR><BR>Response.Redirect(Request.ServerVaria bles("HTTP_REFERER"))<BR>Response.End<BR><BR>Howev er, if you want client-side script, ditch VBScript. Use history.back() and your problems are solved :)<BR><BR>Another way to do it is to trap the event server-side (if this is your problem), and then write JavaScript back to the client browser. This JavaScript could have an alert for their mistake and then a history.back() command to send them back to the preceeding page.<BR><BR>Craig.

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