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    I have a web-based admin page that updates an Access97 db. The page has mostly text area fields for changing current content for any product item. My problem is that I am using a pulldown menu to determine the item&#039s position number within the site. I have succesfully got the menu to display the item&#039s current show position along with the list of all other possible positions in the same pulldown. The problem is that when I try to change that item&#039s position number by selecting any number other than it&#039s current position, upon clicking the update button and executing the SQL update procedure, I get an error message that tells me the item&#039s position number cannot be a zero length. Here&#039s the exact error message:<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Field &#039TblPrducts.ShowSlot&#039 cannot be a zero-length string. <BR>/cgi-bin/admin/MGRUADO.ASP, line 24<BR><BR>line 24 is the RS.UPDATE command.<BR><BR><BR>Any help would be great!<BR><BR>By the way, the list of all possible positions is populated from a seperate table in the db called TblPosition which is simply a listing of all the position numbers from 1000-5000.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>ScottB

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    although the error message states that the error occurs on line 24 it is a line or incident previous to this line which has caused it - line 24 has just brought it to light.<BR><BR>i assume from the message that you are somehow not receiving the information from the dropdown list correctly<BR><BR>a few suggestions:<BR><BR>1. look at the source of your dropdown page from your BROWSER(ie: get the actual processed html not the generating asp code) and see if the dropdown looks formatted correctly (does each item have a pertinent value?)<BR><BR>2. try just writing the dropdown&#039s value to the screen on the processing asp page. eg:<BR><BR>&#062; Response.Write Request.Form("Dropdown")<BR><BR>and ensure a value has been passed<BR><BR>if still no good, more code please (lines 1-23)

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