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    I know that this is supposed to be a forum for ASP questions and enswers, but I keep running accross a finle extension that I haven&#039t been able to find any information on. What the heck does .shtml stand for and how is it different from .html, .asp, .jsp, and .xml? thanks for the help.

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    A kind of HTML file containing server-specific, non-standard commands which are interpreted by the HTTP server and replaced by standard HTML or text before the data is returned to the client. <BR><BR>Different servers use different command syntax and support different sets of commands. The most common example is a server-side include command which simply expands to the contents of some given file and allows bits of HTML or text to be shared between pages for ease of updating. Other commands insert the value of an environment variable or the output of a shell command. These allow pages to be different each time they are served without requiring a CGI script.<BR><BR>Hope this helps... Cheers!<BR>

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    shtml is for preprocessed html files relevent to unix/linux based servers. if u have ever tried coding java servlets, shtml is a way of implementing - server side includes(SSI) for your site, in which u can add dynamic content to the page between a &#060;servlet>xyz&#060;/servlet> tag!<BR><BR>if u need to know about any such file extension in future try using<BR><BR>bye!

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