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    I have a jump menu which is populated via a database (Access) and some of the items I do not want the user to be able to select. The first item is actually called "menu" with a zero length value (also the default menu item) so users who visit know what the dropdown does. I do not want the item to show up in the drop list when clicked on. Is there a way to programatically acheive this result?<BR><BR>Additionally, I have some blank lines which are also zero length items and values to separate certain items on the list. These are taking users to the root of the web if selected and want to not allow them to select them or maybe just restrict the focus so as not to highlight it in the first place. I also need to know if this can be achieved.<BR><BR>If anyone could post the method to doing this or preferably the code that would be great. Alternatively, maybe someone could inform me if this is even possible. Thanks in advance...

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    use an if() statement so that if the user selects a blank value, nothing happens. the sample code in the codelibrary at http://www.infinitemonkeys.ws/ does this.

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