javascript's selected item versus asp requst.

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Thread: javascript's selected item versus asp requst.

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    Default javascript's selected item versus asp requst.

    i'm writing a page, and i want to try to make it more efficient; the only problem is that i don't know which method takes up more system resources (i.e. which is slower)... i have to submit the form multiple times b/c i have two linked drop down boxes that connect to a database: one is a category and one is a subcategory; so everytime the user changes the category, the form has to be submitted so the database can fill the subcategory according to the category. My question is that i have 15+ textboxes that have to preserve there values if the form is submitted. Should i just use the request.form method to perserve the value, or should a make a javascript function that fills the selected value?

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    Default Horses for courses.

    personally, I'd do it server-side, but really go with what you prefer.

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    why don't you create two arrays of which the first contain the categories and the second contains the sub categories. And while you process your script on the server, generate the input for the arrays also and pass it on to the client. And at run time on selection of the category, scan for the equivalent in the first array and populate the second array based on that.

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