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    Philip Ventrella Guest

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    I&#039m working on an application that allows people to submit their opinion on certain items, but I&#039m not sure of the best way to prevent people from submitting more than one vote per each item.<BR><BR>I&#039m sure I could do something with cookies, but if there&#039s a large amount of different things they could vote on, that would produce a lot of cookies and overhead for me. In addition, a savvy enough person could clear out the cookies and submit multiple times.<BR><BR>But that might be my only option. Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Yes... I&#039m using a database on the back end, if that helps.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Philip

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    Rokea Guest

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    You dont have much choices.. either its the cookies.. or you provide something like a login/password thing on your page (and you can easily prevent someone from voting twice).. or you could check is IP adress and use it..<BR><BR>Rokea

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    Philip Ventrella Guest

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    Thanks for responding. That&#039s what I thought, but I wasn&#039t sure if there was any new tricks out there. Isn&#039t one of the problems in using IP addresses is that some ISP&#039s change your IPs, even during one session (Like AOL)?<BR><BR>Thanks otherwise!<BR><BR>pV

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    Rokea Guest

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    Yes, some ppl have dynamic Ips.. but they have to close their connectioin, and connect to the internet again.. even doing that its possible they will get the same Ip again!.. If this "security" is enough,, good.. if it isnt,, then you have one thing left, databases..

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