Hi All,<BR><BR>I want to schedule a task to download a asp page located on another site<BR>on Internet and store<BR>it on my server running Intranet, so that other employees who donot have<BR>access to Net can<BR>view the page without actually connecting to Net.<BR><BR>Our firm is connecting to internet using porxy, and I use administrator<BR>rights to logon to the <BR>Intranet server (which donot have direct access to Internet). <BR>So I am not able to proceed.<BR><BR>Can anyone help me how to proceed and what code should I write <BR>so that I can download the asp page based on remote server on Internet <BR>and store it in my server, and give a link in Intranet.<BR><BR>I hope I am able to put forth my problem.<BR>Any suggestions will be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks and Regards,<BR>Pradnya