I&#039;m trying to fetch data from an MSAccess database by making a call (from InterDev/ASP) to an ActiveX DLL that exposes a DataEnvironment object. I can successfully create an object in the ASP page to reference the DLL (Server.CreateObject), but when I make a call to one of the functions in the DLL it comes back with the following error:<BR><BR>"438 Object doesn&#039;t support this property or methodCall" <BR><BR>This error is returned during execution of the function -- so the call to the function in the DLL actually works.<BR><BR>As best as I can tell, it is failing when trying to execute a command defined in the DataEnvironment included in the DLL. For example, in the DLL code:<BR><BR>Dim myDE as new deNorthwind<BR>myDE.cmdGetCustomers (It&#039;s returning the 438 error at this point)<BR><BR>When I make a call to the same DLL using Visual Basic, it works fine. Moreover, if I explicitly declare my ADO connection, without using the DataEnvironment it also works fine.