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    Landon Fraley Guest

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    Okay guys and gals, I&#039;ve been getting an Error 80020009: Exception Occurred from one of my ASP pages and I can&#039;t determine why exactly.<BR><BR>The page contains a form that queries an MS ACCESS database to get the current content for a given row and displays it as the default values in the fields. The user can update the information and then click the Update button to perform the changes.<BR><BR>Now, on clicking the Update button, the user is sent to another page, which does some server-side error checking of the fields. There are some fields that must be input. If the fields aren&#039;t being entered properly, I send the user back to the previous page with a QueryString variable signifying an error.<BR><BR>Every time this error is flagged and they are sent back to the other page (I use a Response.Redirect), I receive this error in the same place. It occurs on a Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet"), every time. It&#039;s not the first one in the page either, more like the third. I&#039;ve tried rearranging the code, because I&#039;m just opening different recordsets at the top of the page for use later on, and that didn&#039;t help. Same error, same place.<BR><BR>I haven&#039;t been able to find any useful information in the MSKB or anywhere else. Any ideas or answers would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Landon

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    Joey Guest

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    When you do the response.redirect back to the original page are you passing all of the variables that are necessary to run the queries. Post some code if you can. But that would be my first guess.

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    Landon Fraley Guest

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    The only thing I pass back to the page is a QueryString signifying and error occurred. I hadn&#039;t thought of that possibly being the problem.<BR><BR>I&#039;ll have to give that a look when I go back into work on Monday. If I still can&#039;t figure it out, I&#039;ll throw up some of the code and see if I can get some help.

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