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    Mr. Bob Guest

    Default Setting Focus

    Senerio: Page one, user enters in their ID. Page two, ID is in a text box and they have more to fill in.<BR>Problem: There isn&#039;t a curser in the next box. I know how to set focus in other situations but this one is just being a pest.<BR><BR>Any thoughts?

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default HUh? Mr. Doesn't know what the heck you want

    if you know how to set the focus whats the problem?

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    Mr. Bob Guest

    Default RE: HUh? Mr. Doesn't know what the heck you w

    Sorry for not much detail.<BR>You see, i have the ----.foucs code in subs above the body. but the part im stuck on is in the HTML, and im new to this game. I dont know if i need a sub that the text box is linked to and if so what on--- command do i use? i dont know if i can just put it in the HTML some how or what. i hope this is a bit more clear. thanks for your help.

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default clear as bourbon and baileys

    Dude.<BR><BR>Evidently english isn&#039;t your first language.<BR><BR>&#060;body onLoad=document.formname.fieldname.focus();&#062;< BR><BR>change formname and fieldname to the field you want to have focus on Load of the window.

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    Mr. Bob Guest

    Default RE: clear as bourbon and baileys

    Thanks much.<BR>English is my only language, but it&#039;s "Liquid Lunch Thursady!" and I was running late for a meeting. <BR><BR>Thanks again,<BR>Mr. Bob

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