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    I need to transfer data from an access database. I stored data in a field, in which I use BR for an easier reading. But when I transfer the data in the ASP page, the BR doesn&#039t appear, it is replaced by a space. Does someone know if it&#039s possible to transfer data like text including BR or can it only be as a string, and how to do it ? Thanks a lot, this is quite urgent !!!<BR>Bye.

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    If you are talking about displaying line feeds when recalling the information from an access database try:<BR>&#060;%<BR>Function FormatStr(String)<BR> on Error resume next<BR> String = Replace(String, CHR(13), "")<BR> String = Replace(String, CHR(10) & CHR(10), "&#060;/P>&#060;P>")<BR> String = Replace(String, CHR(10), "<BR>")<BR> FormatStr = String<BR>End Function<BR>&#037;&#062;<BR>The String with line feeds is: <BR> &#060;%=formatStr((rs.Fields("field_name"))&#037;& #062;

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    Charly Guest

    Default Thanks a lot !

    Thanks for your code which does excacly what I wanted. Thanks again !

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