HI ,<BR>We had an application on running perfectly on WInNT SP6a and MTS?iiS4.0 ,no sooner we migrated to WIn2000 nightmare has begun even after being on Win2K SP2.........<BR>Her goes.......We have set our Long date format to dd/mm/yyyy and short date too dd-mmm-yy works perfectly for Winntsp6 and used FormatDateTime Vb script function to get the long and short date formats as reqd, as we use these date formats to insert,update,fetch and del from Oracle8i database .......now we when i set the date in regional seetiings to the same as WinNTsp6a in WIn2000 no effect takes place on theFomatDatetIme function in ASP where as formatdatetime(NOw(),0) always gives me a result in mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss and not on the date format set in regional settings<BR><BR>Could anyone help me with this<BR>rgds<BR>tony