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    My client wants to be able to use key commands (ie alt+f to do a certain function) and I have found a scripts @ that allows a user to go to a url by hitting a key (ie hitting &#039;h&#039; goes to the index.asp). my question is... does anyone know how to do this? I cannot seem to alter it to work for alt or ctrl keys or preform functions rather than urls. I have tried to contact the author a few days ago but received no reply. also if anyone knows of a different/better forum to ask this please let me know.<BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Michael

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    yes, there is a modifier keycode which you can use to pick up alt + ctrl. why would you be haviong trouble calling a function instead of a URL? that&#039;s the most glaringly obvious part of it...?<BR><BR>there&#039;s a keypress tutorial at which explains it rather than just providing cut+paste code.<BR><BR>j

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