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Thread: Connection (Asking Again, plz help me) Merci

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    Default Connection (Asking Again, plz help me) Merci

    &nbsp;<BR>Dear All,<BR>Firstly, I apologize for posting my question again...I think it&#039;s getting lost in the forum. <BR><BR>Thank you so much!<BR>Heather<BR><BR><BR>Dear All, <BR><BR>I have a problem, would someone be so kind to help me out, please? I have few asp pages that work perfectly well on my Win98/PWS, however when installed on my friend&#039;s NT server, I get the following error: <BR><BR>ADODB.Connection error &#039;800a0e7a&#039; <BR>Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed. <BR><BR>/Default.asp, line 55 <BR><BR>------ <BR>The error is with the last of the following few lines of code: <BR><BR>set objDataCon = server.createobject("ADODB.Connection") <BR>set objRecordSet = server.createobject("ADODB.recordset") <BR>objDataCon.ConnectionTimeout = 115 <BR>objDataCon.CommandTimeout = 30 <BR>objDataCon.Open ConnectString(), DBUsername(), DBPassword() <BR><BR>----<BR><BR>My email no 2 (after aks asked about the functions in the last line above):<BR><BR>Here are the details... I was thinking maybe the NT server needs ADO components to be installed? Not sure if that wd be a possible error... <BR><BR>Thank you so much. <BR><BR><BR>Function ConnectString() <BR>dim path, dir, file <BR>file = "news.mdb" <BR>path = server.mappath(file) <BR>dir = left(path,len(path)-len(file)) <BR>ConnectString = "DBQ=" & path & ";DefaultDir=" & dir & ";Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DriverId=25;FIL=MS Access;ImplicitCommitSync=Yes;MaxBufferSize=512;Ma xScanRows=8;PageTimeout=5;SafeTransactions=0;Threa ds=3;UID=admin;UserCommitSync=Yes;" <BR>End Function <BR><BR>Function DBUsername() <BR>DBUsername = "Admin" <BR>End Function <BR><BR>Function DBPassword() <BR>DBPassword = "" <BR>End Function

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    Default Does server have

    access drivers installed on system?? install lates mdac and check 4guys for oledb connection string.

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    Default IIS?

    It needs IIS installed too, doesn&#039;t it? I&#039;m not sure if that comes with NT, as we use Win 2000 here.

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