Hi,<BR>Im connecting to an As400 using a 32bit Client Access Express ODBC driver. When I run my ASP program on my Personal Web Server using a system DSN the program connects fine and runs SQL queries fine. Great ! <BR>The problem is when the same piece of code is run on the Server (NT 4.0) the server hangs. Has anyone any ideas on what may be causing this. I have compared the System DSN&#039;s and they look fine. Is there maybe a different driver for Client Access when running on a server as opposed to a workstation ?<BR><BR>All help appreciated.<BR>Kate.<BR><BR>Heres the code<BR>Set DBConn400 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>DBConn4 00.ConnectionTimeout = 15<BR>DBConn400.CommandTimeout = 30<BR>response.write("Now Opening..."&"<BR>")<BR>DBConn400.Open "AS400" , "USER", "PASSWORD"<BR>response.write("DB Opened OK"&"<BR>") <BR><BR>Sql400="select polnop,agtbrp,agtnop,indexp from polhdr where " &_<BR> " Polstp &#060;&#062; &#039;L&#039; and Polbrp = &#039;01&#039; and PolTyp = &#039;DMV&#039; and PolNop = 326840" <BR><BR>set rs400 = DBConn400.execute(sql400) <BR> if rs400.eof = true then <BR> response.write("Record Not Found"&"<BR>")<BR> else<BR> response.write("A Record was found ! The Client name is"&"<BR>") <BR> sClientName = rs400.fields("indexp")<BR> response.write(sClientName&"<BR>")<BR> end if <BR><BR>rs400.close<BR>DBConn400.close<BR>Set DBConn400 = nothing <BR>set rs400 = nothing<BR>