I&#039;m working on a shopping cart in ASP where an existing cookie needs to be modified on a user&#039;s machine after they have submitted their order for final reviewing. The cookie has already been created in another page, in VBScript, and I&#039;ve been told to build all new cookie code using JavaScript.<BR><BR>I can use &#039;if (document.cookie != "")...&#039; to pull all data from the cookie that was previously written in VBScript, so I know it&#039;s reading properly.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve got my SetCookie() function firing using BODY onUnload, so if I refresh, all data currently entered in the shipping form should be written. The cookie SEEMS to hold data, as I&#039;ve used an alert() to test it, and it shows me the data I just wrote to the cookie, but if I open the cookie using Notepad or whatever, the data DOESN&#039;T appear. However, if I close the browser after the cookie has executed at least once, the cookie doesn&#039;t appear to be written.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t have access to the page that created the original cookie in VBScript (I know, it&#039;s silly, humor me). Can JavaScript not modify cookies created in VBScript?