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Thread: <BLINK> in IE5 - DOESN'T WORK!

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    Raza Guest

    Default <BLINK> in IE5 - DOESN'T WORK!

    Why doesn&#039t &#060;BLINK&#062; Text &#060;/BLINK&#062; not work in IE5?<BR><BR>How do I get around this problem besides downgrading to IE4?<BR><BR>Raza.

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    Default RE: <BLINK> in IE5 - DOESN'T WORK!

    It probably doesn&#039t work because it is annoying.<BR><BR>Sorry I don&#039t have a suggestion on how to fix it, but as I see it, it is a good thing.<BR><BR>Just my opinion.<BR><BR>

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    Ed Guest

    Default RE: <BLINK> in IE5 - DOESN'T WORK!

    It seems with IE5 you need to use CSS? At least that&#039s what this article says:<BR>http://www.microsoft.com/OpenType/web/designer/css543.htm<BR><BR>Something like:<BR>&#060;P STYLE="text-decoration:blink"&#062;Blah&#060;/P&#062;

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