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    I am trying to simply update data in an Access2000 table with having field of type "Memo", my query is as follows:<BR><BR>sql = "update TravelPlan set Report=&#039;"&(request("Report"))&"&#039;, VisitPurpose=&#039;"&(request("VisitPurpose"))&"&# 039; where StaffCode=&#039;"&request("StaffCode")&"&#039; and LastVisit=&#039;"&request("LastVisit")&"&#039;" <BR><BR>but i&#039; m getting "Syntax Error". Can anybody please correct me.<BR><BR>Thanx<BR>

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    response.write your sql statement to the page to see what the actual statement looks like, it is possible that there is an illegal character in your memo field<BR><BR>mj

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