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    Petter Gullerud Guest

    Default Showing Info from four tables

    I have a huge problem I hope someone can help me with.<BR>I&#039;m making a asp script that is showing information from four different tables. This is not difficult. The tables are called Project, Zip, Category and Area.<BR>The problem is how to search and show all projects containing zip,category and area along with all the projects that only contains category and area. <BR>So if a project is in zip:334 , category:1 and area:1 it will be shown with all other projects that&#039;s just in category:1 and area:1<BR><BR>plz help.

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default not a problem, and opportunity

    wEll,<BR><BR>I don&#039;t know your table structure well<BR><BR>but read up on inner join and outer join.<BR><BR>You solution lies using those two statements.<BR>basically inner join on required items and outer join to include all of one table and any matches from another.<BR><BR>check this out for more.<BR>

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