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    I have just finished a &#039;add user&#039; page, after i&#039;ve done the insert statment I&#039;d like to response.redirect user to &#039;show user&#039; page. The problem is, I need to get the Id number of the user I just added. <BR><BR>Im using Ms SQL server with autonumber.<BR><BR>I tryed doing select max(Id) from tabel, this works in most cases. But If I Insert two Users, they get Id_number 123 and 124, If I then delete the last guy the database will give the next user I try to insert id_number 125 while If I do count(Id) I get 123.<BR><BR>Anyone got a solution ?<BR><BR>Lars

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    you bet?<BR><BR>I would assume by autonumber you mean identity.<BR><BR>my fav. solution is at <BR><BR>"returning @@identity" article<BR><BR>

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