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    using SQLServer7.0<BR>To Bill Wilkinson: I can&#039;t find a function such as cval for sql, please help!<BR><BR>I connect to a database that is not mine, but one of the fields in that database is "price" but is of the "text"-type. <BR>Now I need to query all records that are between 2 prices. <BR>select * from table WHERE price&#062;1000 and price&#060;2000 <BR>But because price is a TEXT field it doens&#039;t give the wanted result. <BR>Then I tried this: <BR>select * from table WHERE val(price)&#062;1000 and val(price)&#060;2000 <BR>but the function VAL does not exist in SQL. <BR><BR>Is there some alternative function or method?? <BR><BR>Please help!

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    ...when the old one is still active! Bad "netiquette."<BR><BR>Go look at the old thread.<BR><BR>

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