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    Hi,<BR>my problem is, I have an application which takes the user through a series of 10 steps. The user has to complete the previous step before proceeding to next step.<BR>The requirement is <BR>List all the previous steps when the user comes to the last step.<BR>Provide a checkbox against each step.<BR>Provide a print button at the end.<BR>When the user selects some steps(say 5 & 6) and clicks on the print button, the contents of those steps should get printed in a customized manner.<BR><BR>How can I achieve this. Please help me.<BR><BR>Awaiting an early response.<BR><BR>Best regards<BR>King

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    Printing is client side functionality so I&#039;d say you can&#039;t do it the way you want to.<BR><BR>The only way that you may be able to is to re-navigate(is this a word) back to those pages and print each one individually.

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