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    How do you call a javascript variable created with a function for use futher down the page in asp code?<BR><BR>Alternately, how do you use event handlers to trigger some asp code--for example setting an ASP variable onChange or onMouseOver?<BR><BR>&#060;select name="select1" onChange=???Dim formChange: formChange="changed"???????&#062;

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    Default You don't.

    Look, the server is in Houston, Texas.<BR><BR>The browser user is in Winnipeg, Manitoba.<BR><BR>The browser user clicks on something. <BR><BR>You expect that click to be magically transmitted to Texas, cause something to happen, and for the results of that something to magically replace something in the HTML page as it is being displayed in Winnipeg?<BR><BR>Makes no sense. Especially for something like onMouseOver. Where, by the time the roundtrip to Houston is made and the response received 3 or 13 or 30 seconds later, the mouse is long gone from the item in question.<BR><BR>You *CAN* use Remote Scripting (link at, but you would only do that for things where you don&#039;t mind a significant roundtrip time and where the info being obtained makes a significant change to the page. Otherwise, you would be misusing it.<BR><BR>

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