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    A little off topic, but you guys are the most informed people to answer a question like this. I want to learn Java as fast as possible. I&#039;m slightly familiar with it... but what would you recommend to someone who wants to learn Java FAST! Is there a particular website or book that I should good? And what&#039;s the soonest that I could become familiar enough with Java to write in depth code? Thanks a ton for your help in advance!<BR><BR>Mike

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    Default A very strange question

    But I&#039;m in your boat also.<BR><BR>Go and buy Wrox&#039;s Beginning Java -- I"m using that as we speak.<BR><BR>How long before you write in depth code? A while. And depends on what you mean by in depth. Java is no where as easy as VB/VBScript -- many things you&#039;ll have to learn to do manually. And the compiler whines a lot more than VB&#039;s does.<BR><BR>I say a strange question because how would we know what your learning curve is? If you pick things up faster, you&#039;ll learn it faster. If you don&#039;t, it&#039;ll take longer... and no one can quantify WHEN you&#039;ll write in depth code.

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    As ghost said, no one can really qualify how fast you can do.<BR>But in depth programming definitely takes a while, but all other <BR>database stuff like resultsets etc., can be done in about a month (if u just concentrate on that).<BR> <BR>I too pretty new to java,jsp (basically a MS guy).If you are also<BR>from MS background,it&#039;s gonna take sometime to get used to writing the code though u may understand the concepts easily.<BR><BR>I too suggest the WROX&#039;s book for begginers.

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