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    We're developing a survey for a client that has several questions that have multiple choice answers the last one is of course "Other". If "Other" is chosen the user is asked to explain in a text box. So far so good. Then the client asked if we could find a way to group the "other" text box data by a keyword. My first reaction was to say I don't see how. But the concept intrigues me. Now the important part to this is that this is a very specific industry and the terminology will likely be the same. Not 100% but what is. I think the client would be happy if we could group even half of the "others" and show the results via keywords in the text. My first thought is to just select the records where the text contains the exact word as a control word. Hope that makes sense. Now that I've written all of this ... has anyone else toyed with or done something simliar? What did you do and how well didi it work. Any thoughts are welcome.

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    Default Any thoughts are welcome??

    I think you&#039;re onto it.. You would have like 20 words or so that are expected, and you would select words in the database that are like that word... is this gonna be dynamically generated in a report, say, when the client opens that page, or are you storing the grouped keywords in another table... i have made a survey, but never grouped based on keywords.. Good Luck!<BR><BR>Jason<BR>

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    Default I've answered this before...

    ...or at least I *THINK* I have. That post is more than a bit confusing.<BR><BR>Do you mean that you want to grab the words in the "Explain Other" text box and use them for a relevance-ranked search of a field (or multiple fields?) in the table?<BR><BR>Leaving aside the fact that a relational DB is a terrible instrument to try to do this with and ignoring what happens if the user types in "the and a an or of by be is not" in the text box...<BR><BR>

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