I have three SQL Select statement on a page. The first one is about 71k is contains the whole directory. The other two however are over 200k apiece and they only return 10-11 records for birthdays and anniversaries. How could I set these up to run lighter? Stroed Procedures? An example would be terrific!<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>set rsCMT_Employees = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>rsCMT_Em ployees.ActiveConnection = MM_connCMT_Employees_STRING<BR>rsCMT_Employees.Sou rce = "SELECT ID, Resource_Type, Last_Name, First_Name, Nickname, Work_Num, IPS_Address, Internet_Address, Birthday, Company_Anniversary FROM CMT_Employees ORDER BY Last_Name ASC, First_Name ASC"<BR>rsCMT_Employees.CursorType = 0<BR>rsCMT_Employees.CursorLocation = 2<BR>rsCMT_Employees.LockType = 3<BR>rsCMT_Employees.Open()<BR>rsCMT_Employees_num Rows = 0<BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR>dim varmonth<BR>varmonth = Month(Now())<BR>set rsserv = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>rsserv.A ctiveConnection = MM_connCMT_Employees_STRING<BR>rsserv.Source = "SELECT ID, First_Name, Last_Name, Nickname, Company_Anniversary FROM CMT_Employees WHERE Company_Anniversary like &#039;%" & varmonth & "/" & "%%/%%%%&#039; order by right(Company_Anniversary,4)"&#039; *** Use the RIGHT Trim command to set the order by for years only... syntax Right(TableName,SpacesfromRight)<BR>rsserv.CursorT ype = 0<BR>rsserv.CursorLocation = 2<BR>rsserv.LockType = 3<BR>rsserv.Open()<BR>rsserv_numRows = 0<BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR>dim vardate <BR>vardate = Month(Now())<BR>set rsbirthday = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>rsbirthd ay.ActiveConnection = MM_connCMT_Employees_STRING<BR>rsbirthday.Source = "SELECT ID, First_Name, Last_Name, Nickname, Birthday FROM CMT_Employees where Birthday like &#039;" & vardate & "/" & "%%&#039; order by Birthday ASC" <BR>rsbirthday.CursorType = 0<BR>rsbirthday.CursorLocation = 2<BR>rsbirthday.LockType = 3<BR>rsbirthday.Open()<BR>rsbirthday_numRows = 0<BR>%&#062;