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    Hello... I would like to be able to call a function in Javascript using ASP. The way I have it setup now is when the form is submitted it calls the javascript function. The problem I am having is this...<BR><BR>My Javascript function has to take the paramerters of this...<BR><BR>delCookie("CookieName")<BR><BR>...B ut when I go to call this in ASP I run into the quotes error...<BR><BR>response.write "delCookie(CookieName)" -- I need to get the double quotes around the CookieName and have it print to the source code like this... <BR><BR>delCookie("CookieName")<BR><BR>How do I get the double quotes to output in ASP so that it will run the function? Any help is greatly appreciated!!<BR><BR>-Anthony

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    Default REsponse.write ("deleteCookie(""CookieName"")")


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