Using VS.NET for ASP.NET apps?

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Thread: Using VS.NET for ASP.NET apps?

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    Default Using VS.NET for ASP.NET apps?

    I learned to code ASP by hand and use Visual Interdev only as a text editor with Property/Method menus. I have some VB6 programming experience, so when VS.NET beta 2, I thought I would try creating apps the "right" way. I must say I am very disapointed. When I open aspx pages in VS.NET they are properly syntax highlighted, but I don&#039;t get drop down menus when I type a period after an object name. The ONLY way I have been able to do this is create a project and add a web form to it, then I have to do all the programming on the attached "CodeBehind" .vb page if I want my helper menus.<BR><BR>So how are you guys doing it? Are you just programming everything by hand into single ASPX pages using whatever text editor and getting your methods and props from the help files? Or are you going the PROJECT creation route, which seems to add so much useless code and files to the site?<BR><BR>thanks

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    Default What I use....

    Hey there WebSlinger. Currently, I use Visual Interdev 6 to do most of my ASP.NET work (and a tad of Notepad). I really don&#039;t like code behind files - they have a place (large ASP.NET teams with graphics/coders), but for just one guy doing the work, I find them to be annoying.<BR><BR>I have used VS.NET, though, for creating Windows application using C#. In fact, you can check out a program I am working on, Minesweeper.NET. The source code and executable are downloadable from:<BR><BR><BR>VS.NET is nice for those types of applications, but I am with you, it leaves a little bit to be desired for ASP.NET development.

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    Default not that i'm a .net guru or anything...

    ...but a real good text editor, in my opinion, is textpad<BR><BR>you can download a free trial version of it at "" and then register it pretty inexpensively<BR><BR>then you can download syntax files from the same site to add color to your code - i haven&#039;t checked there lately, so i don&#039;t know if they have any syntax files for .net languages yet, but the files are basically set up like .ini files, so you can go in and tweak existing ones or write your own for .net (or whatever else)<BR><BR>i haven&#039;t even installed yet (either beta 1 OR 2) - i&#039;m still a little leery - maybe i shouldn&#039;t be<BR><BR>oh, well<BR><BR>ramen likes textpad!

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