How to return ID number after insert?

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Thread: How to return ID number after insert?

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    perini14 Guest

    Default How to return ID number after insert?

    I have a database with 2 fields: ID and LANGUAGE. I insert data with this sql:<BR>insert into table1 (language) values ("english")<BR>Now I need to get the ID number of just inserted row. Don&#039;t tell me to use rs.movelast, becose sometimes access inserts new row at the begining of the table (!!!). Also don&#039;t tell me to use where language="english" because I have multiple "english" entry.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Stupid Genuis Guest

    Default RTFFAQs

    What db are you using.<BR><BR>Brain Power.

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    Spleh Guest

    Default I don't know <eop>


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    Jason Guest

    Default RE: How to return ID number after insert?

    Why are you inserting another record with the same entry? It seems pretty redundant to create multiple records for the same English entry if you already have one in the database.<BR><BR>What else are you storing in this database?

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    Default But you had to show the world

    what a dumb *** you are by posting saying you don&#039;t know. This board definitely seems to be becoming fly paper of idiots like you.<BR><BR>Brain Power.

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    perini14 Guest

    Default RE: RTFFAQs

    I&#039;m using access. And the table has more fields then only "language" field - that was just for example.

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