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    Until recently, I have been developing and running ASP sites on my PC befor uploading to server. Following a HD crash, I&#039;ve had to reload everything. I get PWS by installing Frontpage 98.<BR>The PWS (from the tray icon) reports WWW and FTP running, folders are set to execute scripts, but when an ASP page is called, either the download file box appears or if the page title has any parameters, will display page not found.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Nicola

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    I think the PWS version with FP does NOT install ASP.DLL, needed to serve up asp-pages. Try to install this dll. You should be able to do this via add/remove Programs...<BR>Or else reinstall PWS from<BR><BR><BR>Bart.

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    If you search for asp.exe on the frontpage cd you should find the file your after. Double click it to install the ASP engine and Bob should be your uncle ;)<BR><BR>Pete

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