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    When using in my ASP can I still access the request and response objects? If so, since JScript is case sensitive are all the properties and method name lower case (are the object names themselves lower case)? For instance how do I do this:<BR><BR>var MyVar = request.querystring("myVal")<BR>response.write MyVar<BR><BR><BR>How do I find out the case sensitive names for these objects and there methods and properties?<BR><BR><BR>--Buddy

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    They should be in the ASP manual the way you should write &#039;em in JScript. Basically, it&#039;s just a capital first letter, and use parens.<BR><BR>Response.Write("hello");<BR>Request .QueryString("something");

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    capitalize the initial<BR><BR>plenty of JScript ASP tutorials at http://www.infinitemonkeys.ws/

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