I have developed an ASP application for selling and renting houses that is so succesful (to my own surprise) that other offices want to use it. When I developed this program I didn&#039t consider the possibility that the database would eventualy be distributed. I am not familiar with this kind of topic but I am eager to learn.<BR><BR>The program is used by independant offices which do there administration with the program. When an office decides to publish the houses on the Net it uses a dial-up connection (56K) to send the database to our server. So our server receives all the databases from the offices which then are merged in a single database which is just a collection of all the databases. My problem is: how can I acheive this without writing without reinventing the wheel? Is there a tool our a framework that lets me to this? Is "Database Replication" a solution? Is there a Microsoft/3rd party solution for this? <BR><BR>I also think that my problem isn&#039t a distributed one since records aren&#039t shared between different offices: an office can only delete/update their own records on our server. The Server itself only *receives* data. <BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated. My developing environment consist of IIS, ASP, ACCESS and SQLserver. If possible please e-mail me at work: tom@publinet.be