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    You cats helped me a few days ago, and I appreciate it. Please help me appreciate you again. <BR>I have a sessionVariable that I need to include in a URL that I am sending via CDONTS. <BR>My project is a chain of command type, where 1 person starts the form, sends it to their boss, the boss sends it to his boss and so on. <BR>After the 1st person sends the form it gets sent to the DB then I pull the Primary Key out, put it in the URL. ie<BR>&#039;Pull the newly entered information back out and read "UNIQUE IDENTIFYER"<BR>dim strID<BR>set objrs3 = server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>strID ="SELECT ID FROM tblStaff ORDER BY ID DESC;" <BR>objrs3.Open strID,objconn,3,3 <BR><BR>&#039;Move "ID" to the last entry<BR>If objrs3.RecordCount &#062; 0 Then <BR>objrs3.MoveFirst <BR>Entry = objrs3("ID")<BR>End If <BR>...<BR>body = body & " http://www.mrjimmy/temp2.asp?Entry=" & objrs3("ID") <BR>Simple enough.<BR>The boss gets an e-mail w/ a link and the temp2 page reads the DB to give him the info.<BR><BR>Since I already know the PrimaryKey, why look for it again. So when the boss sends it off it reads the Primary key number from a hidden textbox, vai session variable, GREAT! <BR>Now I need again to put that number(the session variable) in the URL somehow. I know that any information you put in the URL will show, so just putting the variable name dosent work. I know this is a long post, but please have mercy.<BR><BR>-Ends

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