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    Hi guys,<BR><BR> If I have a form with an array of check boxes, how can I know which of this chekboxes is on an which is off?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot for your help!<BR>

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    i&#039m a little unsure of what you mean... but if, by &#039an array&#039 you mean you have a group of checkboxes all with the same name, and are retrieving the values from a comma delimited field, then i guess all the checkboxes need unique values to be able to tell them apart.<BR><BR>if the checkboxes have unique names, then i would give the checkboxes the value of &#039-1&#039<BR><BR>&#060;input type="checkbox" name="cbox1" value="-1"&#062;<BR><BR>then on the receiving asp page:<BR><BR>If Request.Form("cbox1") Then ...

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