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    i can&#039;t seem to get the FielSystemObject to work on my server. I try to run the following code and the browser just sits there, no errors are returned. I have created appropriate permissions for the IUSR account. I tried running the following code thru WSH and it creates the text file fine, so the FileSystemObject is obviously installed and registered. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. <BR><BR>Dim fso, MyFile <BR>Set fso = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") <BR>Set MyFile = fso.CreateTextFile("c: estfile.txt", True) <BR>MyFile.WriteLine("This is a test.") <BR>MyFile.Close <BR><BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Mike

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    you probably don&#039;t have permissions on the root folder of the c: drive (and good job too, or you could screw up system files). try writing it to the same directiry as the ASP script instead.

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