Hmmm cache(refresh) problem ???

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Thread: Hmmm cache(refresh) problem ???

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    Tim Dumas Guest

    Default Hmmm cache(refresh) problem ???

    Ok, this is an odd problem. . . <BR>I have made changes to several asp files on my server . . .<BR>Now when you go to these pages the changes that were made are not visible even after a refresh. However they do become visible after a shift-refresh. That&#039s the first half of the problem, why is it doing that? The second half is that this page auto-refreshes and when it does it loads the old information again however once again if you shift-refresh it displays the info appropriately once again. The only thing that makes any sense is that NT caches ASP Applications and serves from the cached files. If this is the case if service is restarted will it fix the problem?

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    Steve Rowson Guest

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    What application are you running on your server and are you using a proxy box?

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