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    I&#039;m in a bit of a spot and I hope someone can help me. I need to write a vb app, that can be run on a machine, open an Access database without using a dsn, and convert the values in all the currency fields from pounds to euros. I.E. Multiply them by 0.78. I&#039;m lost as how to open the database and get the information like you would in ASP. I wand to be able to run something like rs("bill") = rs("bill")/0.75 and then Update the table.<BR>If anyone can help me I would be more than greatfull.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Greg

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    I wouldn&#039;t know about VB, but as alternative how about converting an ASP script to a script that can be run using windows scripting host.<BR><BR>&#062; I think the FAQ&#039;s have help for a DSN less connection<BR>&#062; The query you want would all be done in one update query i.e.:<BR>"UPDATE Tbl SET Bill = Bill/0.75"

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