Hi all, hope someone can help me with this.<BR>I have an access 2000 Db.<BR>1st Table "Tourneys" holds information for a tourney. <BR>(Has ID Unique Key set at autonumber, has many other fields.)<BR>2nd Table "2k1Courses" holds 1 version of game to play.<BR>(Has ID unique key autonumber, 2k1Name, 2k1Url)<BR>3rd Table "2kCourses" holds a 2nd version of game to play.<BR>(Has ID unique key autonumber, 2kCourses, 2kUrl)<BR><BR>Now in 1st table "Tourneys" I input all the information needed but in there are 2 fields where i reference with just the ID# of versions to play. <BR>ie: table1 : Tourney = 1, Round = 1, 2k1Course = 22, 2kCourse = 62<BR>What i want to do is display all info in table1, and disply the version name, and graphic url from other 2 tables based on ID# in the join field.<BR><BR>Note: The following query i use has worked for 6 months. The Numbers entered in table1 for version 1 and 2 have always been the same #. <BR>ie: Tourneys - "2k1Courses =16, 2kCourses 2=16<BR>Now if I enter different numbers query will not find that record & revert to previous record that has same numbers.<BR><BR>Here is my actual messy query.<BR><BR> sql = "SELECT TOP 1 Tourneys.ID, Tourneys.Tourney, Tourneys.Round, Tourneys.[2k1CourseCond], Tourneys.[2kCourseCond], Tourneys.[2k1CondAbv], Tourneys.[2kCondAbv], Tourneys.StartDate, Tourneys.StartTime, Tourneys.EndDate, Tourneys.EndTime, Tourneys.Mop, [2k1courses].[2k1Name], [2k1courses].[2k1Url], [2kCourses].[2kCourses], [2kCourses].[2kUrl], [StartDate]+[StartTime] AS Expr1 FROM 2kCourses INNER JOIN (2k1courses INNER JOIN Tourneys ON [2k1courses].ID = Tourneys.[2k1Course]) ON ([2k1courses].ID = [2kCourses].ID) AND ([2kCourses].ID = Tourneys.[2kCourse]) WHERE ((([Tourneys.StartDate]+[Tourneys.StartTime])&#060;=#"&strSetDates&"#) ) ORDER BY Tourneys.ID DESC "<BR><BR>This query i have coded all on 1 line. and <BR>strSetDates = FormatDateTime(Now)<BR><BR>Again this has all worked fine before untill i reference the other 2 tables with different numbers than each other.<BR>Have checked everything, all data is other tables is proper etc...<BR><BR><BR>Please help if you can. I just dont see it.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Roger<BR><BR>