HTML Format can be CDONTS..??

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Thread: HTML Format can be CDONTS..??

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    prakash Guest

    Default HTML Format can be CDONTS..??

    Hi...<BR><BR>I have used textarea for the body of the email,<BR>I would like to know can we retain the formating of the <BR>data...cos it all coming together<BR>like in Text area:<BR>DocName: xxx.doc<BR>Owner : xzy<BR><BR>when I take this to next page...<BR>it is like this:<BR>DocName: xxx.docOwner : xzy<BR><BR>can I preserve the alignment in CDOTS<BR>Thanks any way..<BR>

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    use replace() function<BR><BR>as in <BR>replace(&#039;"& request.form("textarea")&"&#039;,vbCrlf,"&#060; br&#062;")

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    prakash Guest

    Default I appreciate..but you are not to the point

    Well thanks vipul...but I figured it out myself....<BR>where are you from...??<BR><BR>but there is an option in CDONTS.....called BODYFORMAT<BR><BR>0 is HTML<BR>1 is plaintext <BR><BR>just choose the bodyformat.... as 1<BR>like objMail.bodyformat = 0<BR><BR>Take care<BR><BR>bye<BR>prakash

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    Default right

    u r right<BR>i was kind of lost somewhere<BR><BR>sorry for that

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    prakash<eop> Guest

    Default hard feelings... hard feelings..<BR><BR>men are always lost...that is the reason I have a sign board outside my office<BR><BR>"Do not Disturb, already disturbed.."<BR><BR>Take care<BR>prakash&#060;eop&#062;

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