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    I need to create a form that sends an email to a user. I&#039m using the generic feedback form in FP2000, but I would like to use a value passed from a form as the email address.<BR><BR>Is this possible? I&#039ve called the value and displayed it in the form, but I think the syntax is messed up in the email Address: box in the Form Properties window.<BR><BR>any ideas? thanks...

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    ASPQMail is a component that can be used to submit email from a ASP page. It can be found at The only restrictions are the following:<BR><BR>1) You need to have a mail server running, or know the address of a mail server to submit queued messages to.<BR>2) You need to convince your ISP to let you install the component on their servers.<BR><BR>If these are not a problem for you, then you should have no problem. Very good product.<BR>

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