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    i have a problem, i&#039;m new at this, so i don&#039;t know if this is easy or hard to do.<BR><BR>i have a Combobox, from where people inser a month (Mars-99) or whatever.<BR><BR>know i must create a function, that gets this date and send me back a date of the type (01-03-1999), this i can do it easaly in VB, so i think this will be no problem also, i want to Run a Storage Procedure in the server that updates me a table, with this date, and i want to know how i can in a function in VB, say that the function should run that SP, or a way to on the &#060;form &#062; tag, i say that AFTER the function transform the date, it should run the SP on the server...<BR><BR>anyone can help?<BR>tkhs

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    don&#039;t bother answering here

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