I need to investigate the best way to allow users to download spreadsheets from a web server. It&#039;s a failrly simple report that needs to be downloaded. This report is not a simple dump of a database query - it&#039;ll need formatting , tabulation, as well as some fields calculated within the spreadsheet. the spreadsheet data will need to be queried from a database dynamically at the time of the request.<BR><BR>I&#039;d like something that&#039;s powerful but cost effective.<BR><BR>I notice that Outlook Web Components can do this, as can SoftArtisans Excel Writer (lotsa $$$).<BR><BR>Another option would be to encapsulate the queries and VBA logic in the spreadsheet and use the Excel.Sheet component to simply open the sheet and save the file temporarily.<BR><BR>Anyone have any experience / suggestions with this? Where&#039;s the best place to put the logic - in the spreadsheet or in the ASP through the com??<BR>