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    I&#039;ve been trying to make an asp page that will show me a list of all my items grouped by category. I have been successful at listing them in one or many tables straight down the page. Now I would like to get a bit more dynamic and make a multi-column table or use floating tables to span the list out like a calendar view. (example)<BR>January ------ February<BR>-- item ------ item<BR>-- item ------ item<BR>-- item ------ item<BR><BR>- March ------ April<BR>-- item ------ item<BR>-- item ------ item<BR>-- item ------ item<BR>I know i&#039;ve seen an article that describes this, but I&#039;ve been unable to locate it. I would appreciate any help you can provide.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Horton

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    Is your category the month?? How is your data returned? Where should your table be displayed? Should we pretend we know and give you an answer we want to?<BR><BR>Brain Power.<BR>

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