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    Carina Guest

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    Yes I&#039;m back with my question....<BR><BR>Could you pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssseeee, tell me how I<BR>can do this using ASP and VBscript: <BR>-Let the user open a file located on the server; <BR>-then make any kind of changes he/she wants and; <BR>-sending the file back to the server... <BR><BR>The files are all on the webserver....See, the samples<BR>I found in the ASPFAQs they all talk about the FileSystemObjects use the "WriteLine(....)" to write to the file, but I want to<BR>let THE USER OPEN AND WRITE (make changes) to that<BR>file within the application....see I what i mean?? <BR><BR>Thanks a lot <BR>Carina<BR>

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    to do you would allow the user to download the file to their client and then modify it as necessary. You&#039;d have (at the simplest) an html page with a link to the file to download it (you don&#039;t need any fancy asp code to do a download of a file) <BR><BR>you&#039;d have another screen that allows them to upload it back to the webserver. There would be a html page (simplest example) that has a file field and a submit button. there would be a receving asp page that would read the file and save it to the webserver. There are plenty of articles on these sites about how to recieve a uploaded file. Most articles show you how to save the file to a blob field in a database, but you can also save directly to the file system as files.<BR><BR>it&#039;s really quite simple so long as that&#039;s what you need. <BR><BR>you mention &#039;open and write within the application&#039; - that sounds like you want a little more fancy stuff in there - like the browser will open an excel sheet and write it back when they click save. i don&#039;t think that&#039;s doable. browsers are too stupid. The user has to download the file, save it, open it, change it, save it, and then upload it in my example. what types of files are they? <BR>

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    Carina Guest

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    Thanks a lot Glenn,<BR> sounds simple like that and i already tried it all my files are .txt( simple plain text) ...I still have a question for there any way to upload to a server without hard-coding this one??? for example without doing something like tat:<BR>File.SaveToDisk "D:UploadedFiles\" (SaveToDisk being a method to save)<BR>is it possible to save to the server without specifying this one?? problem is that we could have more that 1 server using this file so......<BR><BR>Again Thansk a lot

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