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Thread: I'm wondering ...

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    Mental Giant Guest

    Default I'm wondering ...

    who is the smartest in this forum?

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default Thats easy

    Bill Wilkinson.<BR>

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    Mental Dwarf Guest

    Default I don't want to be the smartest in the forum

    Using deductive reasoning, we may safely conclude that since Bill Wilkinson has had heart surgery and Bill Wilkinson is the smartest in the forum and that in order to be the smartest in the forum, he must be pretty darn smart (but then again, look at the competition), that smartness therefore causes heart problems.<BR><BR>I opt to remain a mental dwarf, thank you.

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    Dumbass Police Guest

    Default BUSTED <eop>


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    Join Date
    Dec 1969

    Default Even for an idiot like you

    that was a stupid question. The obvious answer will have to be me.<BR><BR>Brain Power.

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    Mental Dwarf Guest

    Default Lock me up then

    But at least I&#039;ll have a long, happy, healthy, stupidly blissful life.

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    Dec 1969

    Default And another thing...

    After I stick this hot poker up my ***, I&#039;m going to chop off my dick!<BR><BR>Brain Power.

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    Dec 1969

    Default Huh?

    Even for you, that seems a bit out there...

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    Dumbass Police Guest

    Default ***?? <eop>


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    Amber Krossen Guest

    Default Excuse Me?

    Are you insane?

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