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    PA Guest

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    IF ANY ONE HAS AN OPENNING FOR ME, PLEASE REPLY <BR><BR>Over three years of experience in ASP, Visual Basic, COM, Three Tier, VBScript, JavaScript, IIS, MTS, HTML, XML,XSL, SQL with SQL Server, Oracle and MS Access.<BR>In addition to experience I have 4 yr Engineering Degree in Computer Science and <BR>Certifications in ASP, HTML, RDBMS Concepts, Oracle PL/SQL.<BR><BR>Availability : Immediate<BR>Contract Rate : $45/hr.<BR>Relocate : Anywhere in USA<BR>Relocation Expenses : Only Air Ticket.<BR><BR>THANKS IN ADVANCE :)<BR><BR>For detail Resume please email me at :<BR><BR>

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    Jim Rudnick Guest

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    As a contractor, you should at least ask for a &#039;per diem&#039; for food and lodging, Pam...else that $45 hourly gets a little thin!<BR><BR>Jim

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