I have an input field which is going to be a 4 digit number.<BR>We need the user to input this code. <BR>We know that we can get the existing 4 digit numbers <BR>on the table and put them in an array.<BR>How can we advise the user that they are entering in <BR>a 4 digit number already on the table? I know how<BR>to do this through a back-end server validation. But,<BR>the user needs to be advised up front that a duplicate<BR>key exists, and they should be changing rather than<BR>adding!<BR><BR>How can a VBScript function process through<BR>a server generated variable when onClick() occurs?<BR>Currently, I am placing the 200 existing 4 digit numbers<BR>in an array, but I don&#039t know how to associate those<BR>200 numbers with the field in question.<BR><BR><BR>To populate the array,<BR>dim rowcnt<BR>dim codekeys(400)<BR>select codekey from tablename<BR>while not EOF<BR> rowcnt = rowcnt + 1<BR> codekeys(rowcnt) = objRS(codekey)<BR> movenext<BR>wend<BR>...<BR><BR>Later in code<BR><BR>&#060;... name="newcode" type=input onclick=??????????&#062;<BR><BR>Does codekey have to be moved to a type=hidden <BR>variable and passed to the called subroutine or<BR>can it survive passed along with the current<BR>form.newcode.value?<BR><BR><BR>And what does VBSCRIPT function onclick look like?<BR><BR>Thanks a million!<BR>