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    Default What is wrong with this?

    I am new to Javascirpt. I coded like below. Nothing is hapenning when I clicked on submit button. Can some one tell what I am doing wrong?<BR><BR>if (btnObj.form.SN_Status.value == "C")<BR>{<BR>var eDate = sEDate<BR>var tdate = sDate<BR>if (eDate &#062; tdate) <BR>{ <BR>alert("eDate should not be greater than tdate.")<BR>btnObj.form.EndYear.focus();<BR>return false;<BR>} <BR>}<BR>in the above edate = &#039;2001/07/17&#039; and tdate = &#039;2001/07/10&#039;<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Sid<BR><BR>

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    Default How is it called?

    that may well be part of your problem.

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