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    Donnie Guest

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    Now how would I take a string and replace ALL of the quotation marks that are contained in the string with SINGLE quotation marks?

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    With Replace() function.

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    mystr = replace (mystr, chr(34), chr(39))

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    Daniel Guest

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    This patch solved my problems. I&#039;m a ASP-no-nothing, but forums like these will make my life possible!<BR><BR>

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    Daniel Guest

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    Hey - you could also make formatting with this bit of script:<BR><BR>mystr = replace (mystr, chr(13), "<BR>")<BR>mystr = replace (mystr, " ", "**")<BR><BR>If somebody enters a textform, the linebreaks will be actual linebreaks, and not just ignored. Same with other formatting for the non-braking-spaces. NOTE: I did it with two spaces instead of one, because else it would just be one huge long line.<BR>

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