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    Gizz Guest

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    Hi all, especially &#039xav&#039....<BR>Still having problems. My main problem is Coastline will not let me put a DLL on their server. (fair enough I suppose...) so I&#039m unable to use VB or C++ to do the parsing of the returned data.<BR>I&#039m using Doug Dean&#039s VB code published on 15 seconds<BR>http://www.15seconds.com/Issue/990311.htm<BR>but of course I can&#039t use VB cos I can&#039t use a DLL.<BR>So I&#039m trying it in VBScript.... and coming unstuck here:<BR><BR>dim byteArray<BR>dim varByteCount<BR><BR>varByteCount = Request.TotalBytes<BR>byteArray = Request.BinaryRead(varByteCount)<BR><BR>...<BR><BR >strData = strData & Chr(byteArray(iCount))<BR><BR>Various problems defining and using an array in VBScript. Mainly its how do you define an array in VBS and then fill it from the Request.BinaryRead call? HEEELLLPPP!<BR><BR>Cheers All<BR><BR>Gizz<BR><BR>

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    toppro Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>Unfortunitly I cannot help much but to clarify, the "byteArray" variable is actually a Variant SafeArray. I am trying to do the same thing as you, but I cannot figure out how to access the SafeArray or find any documentation on it. I am continuing to search though, so I will let you know if I find anything...

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    toppro Guest

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    It&#039s no a Byte Array that you are dealing with, it is a SafeArray. Consult msdn.microsoft.com for information on how to user JScript or Java to access a SafeArray.<BR><BR>A SafeArray is, more specifically, a Variant of Type VT_ARRAY &#124 VT_UI1 in one context (JScript I think), yet it is a Class in another context (Java).<BR><BR>There are problems passing the SafeArray to VB as a Variant as well.<BR><BR>Hope that helps somewhat!

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